Testing and Experimentation Facility for Health AI and Robotics

AI Alignment, Safety and Trust in Europe

AI will become a key part of our everyday life. The mission of TEF-Health is to ensure that machines are aligned with human intentions and values.


News €60 million committed to establish AI and robotics in healthcare
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220M€ investment in Testing and Experimentation Facilities to boost the uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics in Europe
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AI Alignment, Safety and Trust AI Alignment trains AI systems to be safe, trustworthy and helpful. TEF-Health will enable large-scale testing of AI software and robots in realistic environments.

Avoiding Negative Side Effects How can we ensure that AI systems (for example, a surgery robot or self-driving car) perform the actions they were designed for and not undesirable behavior that has a negative impact on its environment? How can we ensure that AI systems are able to learn and adapt while also staying aligned with desirable values? TEF-Health will develop instruments for Standardization & Quality Control that ensure compliance of AI products with legal, ethical, quality and interoperability standards.

Standardization TEF-Health will provide standards for certification and quality control to facilitate market access for trustworthy AI, ensuring easy and streamlined evaluation. Each node of TEF-Health combines Real World Testing facilities with Laboratory facilities and provides them with standardized certification processes by which AI developers demonstrate interoperability and functionality of their software or hardware in real world settings and scenarios, in addition to controlled environments.

Certification & Testing Testing will verify that AI applications perform as intended by measuring interoperability and data exchange and provide the results in a public, transparent and consumer-verifiable way. Certified Testing is a prerequisite for companies and other organizations in Europe to create impact by ensuring effectiveness, resilience and sustainability of EU health and care systems.

Education & dissemination TEF-Health will develop and organize knowledge and training material to ensure that AI users get the training and competence required to meet the demand for high quality and ethical standards.

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